Monday, November 16, 2009

Mission Abandoned: Floral Favors

Yes, you read that correctly...mission abandoned!
Well, not completely. Just the flower portion. Someone here ran out of DIY steam. :) But, honestly, they were just too putzy and time-consuming. I'm okay putting that much time into, say, the invitations or the dress, but not into silly little tissue paper flowers!

So, the guests will be getting their Smarties sugar buttons in their pink or orange plastic shot glass, and they'll be happy with it! :)


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mission Accomplished: Flower Girl Dress

After much procrastinating, we are finally able to check another item off our list...The flower girl dress!

Featuring a tulle skirt and off-white color, our flower girl's dress will be very similar to my gown. However, unlike my dress, hers will sport a hot pink sash! :)

During our visit to David's Bridal, she was absolutely captivated by the tiaras, veils, and miscellaneous headpieces. And who can blame her?
So I guess that means we'll have to get her this tiara for the wedding! :) I think it will make a wonderful wedding-party-gift for her, among other things! :)