Monday, September 21, 2009

J'Adore Crate & Barrel

I have always loved shopping, so it should be no surprise that I've always dreamed of winning a fully-paid shopping spree at one of my favorite stores. Well, today, that dream came true! My fiance and I went registering at our first store - Crate & Barrel.

After perusing their website a few weeks ago, I wasn't sure if registering there would be such a good idea. Many of the items were rather expensive, and I was worried that our guests would opt for the more convenient Target, the other store at which we're registering. However, with the fabulous finds we've unearthed at Crate & Barrel, I'm hoping many of our guests will stop there!

Here are a few of my favorite goodies on our list...

Staxx II Dinnerware
Are these not the most fabulous plates and bowls ever? The plates have a ridge around them (kind of like a cake pan) that is so freaking unique! I've never seen anything like it! The set is stackable, which will help save space in our cabinets for all of the other goodies we loved at Crate & Barrel!

Ollie Wine Glasses
We've registered for the 20 oz glasses (the big round one on the right!). So dramatic, and I adore them!

Wok Set
I'm so excited about this one! Mmm...I can just imagine the Asian delicacies we can make with this set!

Footed Soup Bowl
Ooh, this one is right on the top of my list as well! Who'd have thought soup bowls could be so chic?!?

Rub Away Bar
Boy, I could've used one of these this weekend when I was cooking with garlic and onions! You just wash your hands like it's a bar of soap, and those lingering garlic and onion smells just vanish!

Bexley Throw
Don't worry - we didn't just get stuff for the kitchen. We also registered for this throw blanket which will be perfect for the couch. It even inspired our color palette of teal, chartreuse, black, and cream.

Carmen Chartreuse Pillow
Won't this pillow look fabulous with the teal throw? I love the texture, and it just looks so darn comfy!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dinner Time!

I think we've finally settled on our dinner menu for the reception! After such a fantastic food tasting, the decision was not easy! So many questions remained...

Two courses or three? Soup or salad? One entree choice or two?

Well, after much deliberation, here is our final decision...

First Course
Can't go wrong with the ever classic Caesar Salad.

Main Entrees
Chicken Strasbourg - think chicken stuffed with mushrooms and garlic bread, then served over potato puree (fancy for "mashed potatoes") and seasonal veggies.

Grilled Pork Chop and Truffle Mushroom Ragu - perfectly seared pork chop served with pan-roasted mushrooms, chives, veal glace, and truffle oil. Mmm...and don't forget the garlic-parmigiana polenta cake!

Grilled Portabella and Roasted Pepper - a divine vegetarian option with portabella mushroom and pepper served on julienne spinach, goat cheese, tomatoes, crispy leeks, and balsamic glaze. Even for a vegetarian option, this sounds hearty and delicious!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No Barefoot Bridesmaids Here

The bridesmaids officially have shoes! Well, at least they will, once they order them. But, at least a decision has been made!

Mootsies Tootsies Parable Peeptoe Pumps

At only $39.95, they are relatively affordable and they meet all of my style requirements! Peeptoe, lower heel, and satin material. Oh, and of course, they're black! :)