Friday, July 10, 2009

Ring Love

After realizing I didn't have any pictures of my engagement ring, I decided to get a little camera happy! Here are the results!

(Don't forget to click to enlarge them!)

So, I don't know about you, but I kind of love them! I had some issues getting the right lighting and getting a clear picture, but I think even the blurry ones look kind of arty-farty! :)



A said...

Cute! I had a hard time taking ring pictures, too. :) I like the one on the mascara bottle!

Jen said...

Very cute! Very creative with the mascara bottle!!

Cyn City said...

Awww so pretty! I like the first shot the best.

Bee said...

cute! i have a 3-stone ring too! also with little stones down each side. i love it! especially because each big stone stands for our "past, present & future" together. i took pictures of my ring recently and found that the pictures came out best when i took my ring outdoors and played with nature (sitting on a leaf, hanging from a twig, resting on a rock, etc). i should post pictures of my ring up soon.

BEL said...

it's gorgeous! i love the design!