Friday, August 28, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

Off my checklist, that is! We have officially booked our flight to Jamaica for the honeymoon!
I was a little apprehensive about booking the flight earlier this year, hoping that perhaps prices would lower. Silly me! I mean, I know prices generally get much higher the longer you wait, but I assumed they wouldn't really start increasing until a month or two out.

Well, when I checked yesterday, the price of our desired flight went up $20 since I last checked! I know, not horrible, but that certainly meant prices were on the rise! And I didn't want our desired flight to sell out! It was one of the few with decent departure/arrival times and short layovers (you know, under 16 hours...). So,the price increase, along with the gentle reminder on the knot's checklist encouraging me to book our flight, was all I the encouragement I needed!

Now, our next step is getting our passport applications in! We have the photos taken and the forms filled out - now we just have to gather our birth certificates and make photocopies of our driver's licenses. And we have to remember to bring our driver's licenses with us to the post office. And a credit card to process the $100 fee for each of us. I hope I'm not forgetting anything...



Jen said...

Awesome! Where in Jamaica are you going?

Shell said...

we're going to a sandals resort in montego bay - i think it's called the royal caribbean. im so excited - it'll be sooo nice to be able to veg out for a whole week! :)