Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wedding Recap: Girls Getting Ready

Now that we've finally gotten back all of our wedding photos, I thought I'd share! You didn't think I'd leave you hanging after all this time, did you? First up - the girls getting ready!

Getting my bling on! There was one strand that was too long, so our florist helped me shorten it up a little. Good thing I was wearing my hair down to cover up her crafty use of wire!

Oodles of pearls - just the way I like it!

Bridezilla making sure the sashes are tied juuust right...

It's a lot tougher than it seems to tie the knot! (Haha, wedding pun!)

Well, now don't we look nice!



Cyn said...

nice is an understatement! you look amazing! your dress came out so beautiful!

The Flirty Girl said...

Congratulations! Love the photo of you and your girls. It looks like everything came together wonderfully.