Monday, March 30, 2009

Pink and Orange Color Scheme

Pink & Orange Wedding Inspiration - by seashell127 on

How does a couple go from purple/blue/silver to pink/orange for a wedding color scheme? Oh, just a simple realization that the classic winter colors weren't "us".

My favorite color is pink. Steve's favorite color is orange. Put the together and what do have you got? Bibbity bobbity - wedding colors! Kind of an obvious choice, now that you think about it...

My mom wasn't fond of the color combo when she first heard about it, but I think we have her convinced!

I love them because I think they fit my bubbly personality. And Steve's just happy because he gets to have his orange KTM dirtbike at the reception...
Boys and their toys... :)

So, there you have it - the mystery behind our wedding colors! :)


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