Monday, December 28, 2009

Unfathomable Numbers

When you hear that someone has embezzled over $20 million, you probably shake your head, say something like "dang!", and go on with your business. And, sure, you may know that dinosaurs ruled the earth over 230 million years ago, but have you taken the time to contemplate how long that really is?

My point is, there comes a point when we no longer comprehend what a number really means. And for me, that number is 19...

Nineteen days to finish whittling down my centerpiece candles.
Nineteen days to add a hook and eye enclosure to my dress.
Nineteen days to meet with our florist, priest, and contact at the reception hall.
Nineteen days to buy our flower girl a tiara.
Nineteen days to get our marriage license.
Nineteen days to finalize our guest count and make a seating chart.

It doesn't sound like a lot. I mean, each task in and of itself is pretty simple and shouldn't take a full 19 days to complete. But it's not just about finishing these menial tasks. It's about the fact that our wedding is 19 days away! That's less than three weeks! Now that's pretty unfathomable!



A. Marigold said...

Congratulations! That is so crazy exciting!!

Bee @ BP Wedding said...

Oh my!! Only 18 more days!!!! Good luck on the rest of your planning. I am so excited for you! :)

Cyn City said...

Oh wow! Time flies doesn't it? I can't wait to hear recaps and see pics. Good luck with the final details!

Cupcake Wedding said...

Good luck!