Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Engagement Photos - Part I

Well, our engagement photo shoot was a success! Tons of fun, gorgeous scenery, and lots of smiles and laughs! We actually had two photo shoots - one with our photographer and one with my fiance's sister. You see, I really wanted to take some pictures in a downtown setting, but our photographer didn't have enough time to accommodate three locations. So we just asked Steve's sister to help out, and this is what we got...

Overall, I'm happy with our downtown shoot! I love the industrial + downtown chic vibe we got from the fab scenery, which included a rickety, death-defying, abandoned set of railroad tracks. Spectacles, testicles, wallet, and watch! Thank God we made it out alive! :)


1 comment:

Cyn City said...

Shell theses look great! I especailly love the second to last one when Steve kisses you on your freakin' cute! The backdrop looks awesome.