Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mission Accomplished: Table Numbers

Now that the invitations are nearly complete, I must occupy my time with another project... ...table numbers!

As you may have noticed, this design was also used for our card box. It was adapted from Martha Stewart's table number template. Sure, the border is the same, but the font is different (I used the same Edwardian Script ITC font I used for the Save the Dates, invites, and card far...). Also, Martha's table numbers only went up to 20, and we will have at least 23 tables.

I am excited to see these table numbers in action! I finally plotted out the reception layout, coordinating the colors of the table numbers, menu cards, table runners, and candle/flower centerpieces. Yikes!



Jen said...

Beautiful! Great job!

Cyn City said...

Ooooh very nice! ;)