Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mission Accomplished: Card Box

Well, I've officially completed the card box! So, without further ado, here's the finished product:
Using The Bona Fide Preppy Bride's card box as a guide, I was able to integrate our damask print and our colors into this adorable card box!

As projected earlier, I ended up using a pink and white damask wrapping paper from Target (sorry, can't find the link, but it was bought in stores) and orange ribbon from Michael's. The "cards" tag at the front utilized a Martha Stewart template for table numbers - ugh, gotta love Martha!

Sure, the wrapping paper has a few wrinkles in it and the orange ribbon isn't exactly parallel to the edges of the box, but they are pretty undetectable in average lighting. I'm so glad to have my first DIY project checked off my list!

Hehe...a cute picture of Brocolli cuddling up to the box! He loves it!



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Anonymous said...

It looks really nice!

Cyn City said...

This is THE prettiest DIY card boxes I have ever seen. Good job!