Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Invitation Envelopes

While I'm waiting for my mom and Steve's mom to provide us with the addresses for our Save the Date cards, I've been busy thinking about the invitations! One of the latest additions to our To-Do List from The Knot is to order our invitations, so I feel like I need to get on board with their design!

I was hoping to get away with folding the cardstock in such a way that it could be an envelope in and of itself, like this example...
That way, I could save money on envelopes and the presentation would still be super cute! The only problem is that I usually see this style inside of another envelope, like this...
Is there some sort of invitation etiquette that I'm missing out on?!?

Now that I've come to terms with the fact that I'll need envelopes, the mission has been to find the cutest ones at the lowest price! Here's what I've found...

At just $1.09 each, they're a pretty good deal! :) While they may be the most expensive part of the invitation, I think they'll be a nice touch.

*Edit: I take back every single time I've ever said how much I love math and how it was my best subject in school! The envelopes are only $0.11 each! Hehe, forget to carry the decimal over two places!*

If worse comes to worse and I don't want the added cost, I'll either just found some simple white envelopes or try my idea of using the invitation itself as an envelope.

As far as sizes go, I will probably go with the A7 envelope, which will fit a 5" x 7" invitation. Not too big, not too small! Since we are sending about 115 invitations and 115 thank you cards (230 total, if you do the math!), we'll probably get three boxes - 2 pink and 1 orange. Hehe, I always have to overdose on the pink!



A said...

I think you're not supposed to use the portfolio invitations as envelopes because they can get really damaged while mailing (dirty) and enclosure cards might fall out!

I like the colored envelopes, but I think I would try to save some money on this part and get white(ish) envelopes instead... because they will get thrown out! I save invitations, but I still throw away the envelopes right away!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

would you believe I used to like math in school?

too funny. love the envelopes!