Monday, May 4, 2009

Menu Cards

I've been on a bit of a stationary kick lately! It started last week when I purchased the supplies to make our Save the Dates! After a weekend of stamping (you'll see the results later this week!), I am on stationary overload! So, now seems like the right time to post on menu cards!

Whether at each individual setting....
or situated between two settings...
...I love the idea of a menu card!

My aunt offered to help with any of the planning, but she specifically mentioned menu cards. Honestly, at that point, I didn't even know there was such a thing as menu cards! But, now that I've done my research, I'm loving the idea!

I think we would probably do individual menu cards laying on top of the napkin like in the first photo. That way I don't have to find cheap frames or little stands for the card! :)

Of course, menu cards aren't one of the "essentials" of the wedding, and if the budget tightens, it would be one of the first items to go. But, if I already have the cardstock from the invites and a printer, it wouldn't be too expensive at all! Ooh, and it would look cute with the damask stamp we're using on the Save the Dates and invites!


A said...

I looooooove wedding stationery! We're probably going to skip menu cards since our food isn't really all that interesting ;). But they really make a table look classy!

AmyJean said...

Love this!

PS. I wanted to ask you something, could you email me? amyjean @ Relentlessbride . com