Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cute as a button!

While I still have a ways to go with the pom-poms for our favors, I am already excited thinking about what we're going to fill them with! Since Steve is the candy fiend of the relationship, I let him pick out the candy, so long as they were pink and orange. So, he picked out sugar buttons:
To be honest, I've never heard them called "sugar buttons" before. I think the standard name is "Smarties". But, just as non-Kleenex brand kleenex is labeled "facial tissue", non-Smarties brand Smarties must be called "sugar buttons".

So, the plan is to buy 20 lbs of candy (approximately 1.5 oz per favor), mix the colors together, and serve them in the little flower favors! At about $100 ($0.50 per person) for the candy and $26 ($0.13) for the materials, these favors are fairly cost-effective!


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My Dream Ring said...

I love smarties, they are my favorite!