Monday, May 11, 2009

My wedding shoes!

I found the most fabulous wedding shoes this weekend! They always say third time's the charm...

So, without further ado, here are the gorgeous pink heels:

When I found them, I rattled off to my MOH why they were so perfect.
  • Peeptoe
  • Slingback
  • Flower detail, aaaand...
  • Pink!
They're not available online anymore in pink, but here's the link to the pair in black.

This may sound kind of silly, but I seriously think God brought these shoes to me! My MOH and I were shopping the Kohl's clearance racks (got a sweater dress at 90% off for $4!!!), and I decided to put back a cute cute cute blue cropped cardigan because it was only 60% off for $12. I mean, hey, I'm on a budget! So, perhaps God was rewarding me for not splurging!

I actually almost walked out of the shoe department without seeing these, since someone was blocking that particular aisle with their large heinie. Or maybe it was their cart...I can't remember. Anyway, we decided to take one last stroll through the area we missed and then we found them! The first pair we found were size 6, so we quickly ran to the size 9 rack. Low and behold, there were two pairs available! Oddly enough, one box had two lefts and the other had two rights (good thing I caught that! Hehe, I'd literally be dancing with two left feet!), but we got them sorted out and I'm ecstatic about them!

What a whirlwind, but at least now I can put the shoe search to rest!