Friday, May 1, 2009

Wedding Party Itineraries

I'm generally a very organized person, so something like an itinerary definitely appeals to me! Especially at a wedding, where guests and attendants can get caught up in all of the excitement, an itinerary can be a fabulous tool to keep everyone on track!

While browsing The Knot's wedding galleries, I fell in love with these itinerary cards!

It took some zooming in, but I finally was able to read the text below each picture!

11:30 - The Last Supper! Lunch at Nick & Jake's in Parkville.
12:30 - Get to work! Decorate the reception site.
1:30 - Pretty in pink! Get ready in the bridal suite at HH.
4:00 - Say cheese! Formal pictures begin.
5:30 - Here comes the bride (& you)!
6:45 - Eat. Drink. Dance! Repeat.

Our own itinerary might be slightly different. I'm thinking...

10:30 - The Last Supper! Brunch at Mama J's in Milwaukee. [For the boys: "Mama K's in Racine]
12:00 - Pretty in pink! Get ready in ___. [hehe, I have no idea where we're getting dressed yet!] [For the boys: "C'mon, 007 - get on your tux at ____!]
3:00 - Here comes the bride (& you)!
4:15 - Say cheese! Formal pictures begin.
6:00 - Eat. Drink. Dance! Repeat.

Yay, another project for me to tackle! :)


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Shell thanks you so much for stopping by my blog! Your blog is supercute!Good Luck Planning!