Friday, May 29, 2009

Torn with Table Numbers

I have a whole slew of questions to ask our reception site at our next meeting, including "are table numbers included?". I'm guessing not because all the pictures I've seen of the space have had different table number options. So, that leaves me with the task of deciding what kind of table numbers we want! Here are my options...

I like this option because I used the same template for our card box. Will anybody actually make the connection that the table numbers match the card box? Probably not. But, I do like continuity! Plus, they would be relatively easy to make, and they look cute!

These make me smile! Maybe I'm just a photo hog, but I like the idea of being in the picture! Plus, they're so cute and kinda quirky! Rather than holding up a piece of paper with the number on it, I think I like the idea of us standing near the number somewhere around town, kinda like this...
...but with me in the picture! Oh, and Steve... :)

As a bride on a budget, I'm trying to avoid extra costs, like table number holders or frames. So, I like the idea of doing a folded setup, like the last photo. And, with my new printer, I can print them out in all their colorful glory!


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My Dream Ring said...

I LOVE the ones where the couple is holding a number!Those would be so cute!