Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bird, Bird, Bird is the Word...

I really dislike birds, and it started waaay before I saw the movie! I think it started when I was about 5 or 6 and a bird pooped on my head. Ever since then, I've been convinced they're are out to get me. Just last week, three birds nearly dive-bombed me! Talk about scary!

So, the idea that I would include anything with the word "bird" in our wedding is a bit absurd. However, I have fallen in love with the birdcage veil!

I honestly wasn't keen on the idea of a veil when I first started this planning process. The notion of a long flowy veil just didn't seem to match my style. Besides, with a shorter dress, a long veil would look kind of silly.

But then, I discovered the birdcage veil and fell in love instantly! I can't decide which style of veil I want, though... Here are my options from the fabulous website,

I love that this bride wore hers forward for the ceremony and flipped back afterward. This is ideally how I'd like to wear mine. My only concern is that it's a little too big and would cover more of my face than I'd like. So, that bring us to the second option...

I would still have the option of wearing it forward or backward, but it would be a bit daintier and not completely hiding my face. Just a little pop of poof on the head!

The only problem is that I would like to wear my hair half-up in a bouffant (I want to call it a mini-beehive, but, seriously?, beehives and birdcages is getting a little to animal house-y for my liking) like Christina or Carrie...
However, my concern is where do I put the veil??!!!

I'm thinking I would just kinda tack it onto the side of the bouffant and let it flow over the bouffant thing and slightly over my face. But the question is: will the bigger or smaller veil be better for this? I'm leaning slightly toward the smaller veil because it looks a bit more demure. I may even forgo the idea of flipping it back for the reception if the smaller veil isn't in my eyes.

Oh, the decisions! This is only the first pass of this discussion for me - I'm sure I'll be thinking about it for awhile!


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