Friday, April 10, 2009

Favorite Favors

So, I talked it over with Steve, and he likes the idea of the place-card/favor bag combo. Well, I'm pretty sure he'd like anything I picked out...he's easy to please with all of this wedding stuff! :)

But now the question is what to put in the bag! Here are a few ideas I came up with:

Adorable, right? I fell in love with these lil' guys when I saw them, but I'm wondering if they're right for a wedding. Do most people even like gummi bears? Despite these concerns,they are pretty cost-effective. Assuming each favor will have about 2.5 oz each, we'd only need about 6 bags total. That would run about $0.45 per favor. Not bad, not bad.

So, taffy seems to be a little classier than gummi bears. I don't personally love them as much as gummi bears, but I think I could learn to love them. Assuming each guest would get 8 pieces each, we would get 5 bags total. So, that would run about $0.48 per guest. Pretty reasonable!

Combined with the packaging costs (excluding staples and double sided tape because, well, I have a million staples and plenty of tape), the entire favor would run about $0.64. And for 200 favors, that's a total of only $130!

I budgeted about $180 for favors and $40 for place cards, so we're well under our limit! (Is it really a surprise that I'm going into construction management? Gotta keep those projects on time and under budget!)



Anonymous said...

where are you finding your awesome candy deals? I'm looking at doing jelly bellies, but this looks less expensive.

BTW, I signed in last time under, but I'm the pbwedding gal.

Shell said...

ohhh..that's who you are! :) my feathered friend!

i love the idea of doing jelly beans! if you click the pictures in this post, it will direct you to the websites I found them at.

however, i believe the sites i've checked out are:

I think you can browse the candy by type, color, etc. so hopefully you can find the perfect jelly bellies!

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

great ideas!!