Monday, April 13, 2009

Cake Toppers

Well, cake tasting is going to be in full swing for the next few weekends! Yikes, that means I better start running again! I'll post some of the ideas we have for cakes in the next few days, but I thought I'd quite literally start at the top - the cake topper!

I'm very peculiar when it comes to cake toppers. I love the look of monograms or flowers, but I've always dreamed of having a traditional bride & groom cake topper on my wedding cake. You'd think this would be a relatively easy item to find - I mean, it IS traditional - but, alas, it is a toughie. Either the topper looks too goofy or too froofy, neither of which are the look I'm after! So, here's the best I could do...

Every time I look at this one, all I can think is "SWOON!" It's so chic and modern, I can't get over it! However, at $79.95, it's not cheap. My heart is screaming "YES!" but my accountant is saying "no way". Also, Steve doesn't love it, which makes me even sadder. :(

This topper is pretty traditional, but it's much better, in my mind, than all the "funny" toppers with the bride dragging the groom by his collar or the couple getting frisky.

This one is sort of a blend between traditional and modern, which I like. However, I still don't love it as much as the first.

Maybe I can try to convince Steve that the first one is absolutely fabulous. Plus, if you hack off the bottom of it, you can turn it into wall art! See, it's an investment! Hehe, I'm so bad! Plus, I found it here for a few bucks cheaper. Maybe those extra few dollars will push Steve over the edge!


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