Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cake Inspiration - Ribbon Cakes

Welcome to the second installment of cake inspirations! I really love the clean look of a basic cake with a ribbon at the base of each cake! It's also a simple addition to some of the other cake ideas we have, so we'd be able to incorporate more than one of our key inspirations!

What do I love about this cake? Well, aside from the instant attraction to shiny...ok, I just love the shiny! I do like the mix of traditional (the topper + soft colors) and modern (dots + shiny ribbon) elements.

This is a very cheerful and summery cake! I wouldn't necessarily do the daisies or the swirls, but I like the idea of adding a few flowers on the side. Great way to add color to an otherwise plain cake!

Love this one too! I actually want a smaller wedding cake (we'd have plain sheet cakes in the back), and this one shows how a small cake can still be fabulous! I also really love the flowers on this cake, but I wonder how it would look from the back. Our cake will be in the middle of the dance floor for "cocktail hour", so I want it to be pretty from all angles!

This one is my absolute favorite of the be-ribboned bunch! I love the unique shape of this cake. I'm pretty dead set on have a stacked cake (meaning no pillars or crazy staircases or fountains), so the otherwise simple cake needs some sort of visual interest! Now the question is -on what kind of plate do you serve a 12"tall piece of cake? :)

So, all in all, I love the look of a cake with ribbon around the base. I think it would be a simple addition to some of the other styles we love! And it would look killer with my dream topper!


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