Thursday, April 9, 2009

Please be seated...

I would describe my wedding style as "chic on a budget". We're very fortunate to have parents who are willing to help us out with the finances, but, still, I'm no heiress! So, we've had to be smart with how allocate our funds. Honestly, place cards are pretty low on our list of priorities. However, they're still pretty necessary, and we still want them to look nice! So, I've done some research and have fallen in love with some of these fab ideas!

Pretty Patterns
I love the idea of finding some scrapbooking paper or even some fabric that matches our wedding theme! Then, we can just use cardstock and clear labels to attach the guests' names and table numbers.

Ribbon Display
With the right styles of ribbons, this card table idea could be fabulously chic! My only concern with this set-up is that it would block Steve's dirtbike that would be situated behind it. Hehe...maybe it's not sounding so bad after all! :)

Pin Up Display
Another standing display, so it may not work too well, but it's a cute concept.

Pillow of Carnations
Eek! I love this! But, with 24 buds needed for every 4 cards (that would make a total of 1200 buds), I think we'll leave this one to the rich and famous (and putzy!)

Quasi-Placecard-Favor Bag
This might be a chic and cheap blend of the place cards and favors! For about $0.12 per cellophane bag and about $0.04 per place card (assuming 4/sheet), we're already off to a good start! Obviously this doesn't account for the cost of printing or the goodies inside, but it's shaping up to be a pretty economical choice! All we'll have to do is put the table number in the corner, and we're golden!

Table Numbers
Oh, Martha! I adore your fab ideas! She provides a template for these darling little table numbers! Just click on the picture and check it out!

I'm so excited to get started on these! However, my checklist doesn't have me working on them until 1-2 weeks in advance. Guess I'll have to hold off for now... :)


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