Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chic LBDs

little Black Dress = LBD = Lovely Bridesmaid Dress
I considered putting my sweet bridesmaids in hot pink dresses. Or even the same dress in various shades of pink and orange. But I decided to be nice and chose a black dress! We'll jazz it up with:
a chic pink sash,

elegant yet sensible black shoes,
classic pearl necklace,

and a fabulous pink and orange bouquet!

Just the right amount of pink and orange - as the fashion rules dictate, only sport up to two items of the same color! :)

So, the girls have all tried on their dresses, and they determined which size they need. Waiting for one dress to be exchanged for the right size, and then all the girls will have their dress!

We haven't looked for any of the accessories yet, but they shouldn't be too hard to find! We have a good idea already of what we want! I'm thinking we could even make the sashes - all it takes is some fabric and thread (ok, and maybe a needle. And a sewing machine).


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Hayley Mae said...

Love this idea!! I am doing the same things except pink shoes instead of the sash!! Black is soo classy and makes bridesmaids happy :)