Thursday, April 2, 2009

How to keep the boogie shoes on...

Steve and I are going to have a pretty kickin' first dance, so I have to have shoes that I can, well, dance in! My first thought...professional dance shoes! Let see, there are...

Pointe shoes
(ouch, my toes hurt just thinking about it)

Ballet slippers
(Cute, but not quite what I'm after. My dress is shorter, so they need to look good! I'm thinking heels...)

Tap shoes
(clackity-clack-clack...hehe, just kidding!)

Ballroom shoes
(These are pretty much perfect - they have a heel, peep toe, and ankle strap, but they're not pink! And with all my searches, I could not find any pink ballroom dance shoes!)

Well, at this point I was ready to give up and go barefoot. But then...I found these!


Pretty perfect, right? They slip right over your shoes! They look best with shoes that don't have sides, unlike mine, so I'd only wear them during the dance. Let's just hope I don't have to do a spontaneous high kick without them on! Bye-bye shoe! :)

There is a slightly cheaper (excuse me, more "cost-effective") shoe strap that I found at a professional dance gear shop...
but they look a little more obvious. Plus, since they just wrap around the instep of the foot, I'm worried they might fall off or something. I'm probably being silly - they wouldn't be for sale if they didn't do their job - but I'm just not sure they're "the ones".

So, let's hope this solution works for the dance, otherwise I'll be back at square!


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