Monday, April 27, 2009

Submerged Centerpieces

Steve and I went on several floral consultations in the last couple months. I feel like a flower expert at this point! A few weeks ago, we decided on our florist and have put down the down payment.

I'm a little disappointed because the final cost was about 20% higher than the initial quote. Also, she had the date wrong! I'm glad my mom caught that one! So, we're not off to a great start with our florist, but I'm crossing my fingers that those are the only hiccups we encounter.

On a more positive note, I'm in love with our centerpieces. Here are some of our inspiration photos:
Our florist will actually be tying single orchids with wire and floating them at varying heights in the cylinder. I believe some will be hot pink and others orange. We'll have to confirm that after our final meeting. :) We may also have some votive candles or tea lights surrounding the vase.

I would like to have another type of centerpiece at a different height. Initially, we thought to go higher, so our florist recommended a topiary. However, at $85 a piece, I think we'll forego this option. Instead, maybe we will go smaller. I am falling in love with some of these ideas:
(Ok,the last few aren't smaller, but they're still super cute!)
Lots to think about! I may just go with the submerged centerpieces for all of the tables, but my creative juices are starting to flow!


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AmyJean said...

I'm a big fan of submerged :) Love this post... very nice! :)