Monday, April 20, 2009

Pom-Pom Post

No, I'm not a cheerleader! Just an enthusiastic fan of Martha's adorable pom-poms! Here's one style in tissue paper!
I'm not entirely should where we'd stick them...there are strict rules against placing anything on the walls or ceilings, so hanging them is out of the question. I'm considering making very small ones and adding them to the place card table and gift table.

My only concern is that they look too summery. That's been the battle throughout most of the planning so far - pink and orange can look very summery very quickly - not ideal for a winter wedding!

Another alternative are these ribbon pom-poms - again, from the ever-fabulous Martha!
They create the same look as the tissue pom-poms but give it a slightly classier feel. You can even make small ones just like the tissue pom-poms:
My main concern with this style though is that it looks pretty Christmas-y. Again, not ideal for our winter wedding. (We even pushed back the date a week to avoid any possible Christmas decorations that time of year!) However, perhaps with the right colors (pink and orange, naturally), it may strike just the right balance between Christmas and summer!

Also, I definitely would not put the bows on the gift card table - it would be like "hey, forget the bow? take one of these!" This look would be reserved for the tables as napkin holders!

As the wedding date gets closer, I'll start experimenting. Until then, I'll just dream about them! :)


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Adrienne said...

Thanks for the sweet words on my blog! I love finding new blogs!

I am a huge fan of Martha's pom poms, hopefully you are able to sneak them in to your wedding somewhere.