Friday, April 17, 2009

Cake Inspiration - Vintage Cakes

If you've read any of my blog posts to date, you should know that I generally save the best for last! So, naturally, I've saved one of my favorite cake inspirations for the final post - vintage cakes!

Ok, I should clarify - I mean vintage-inspired. Obviously, I don't want a moldy old cake from the 1950's. Eww...can you imagine?!? So, here are my favorite vintage-inspired cake inspirations...

What I love about this cake is the varying shapes, ribbon trim, and contrasting colors. All it needs is a funky cake topper, and we have the perfect mix of classic and modern!

Google "pink damask cake", and you'll find this cake referenced several times! Culinary Stencils actually sells stencils to make this cake! Love everything about it!!

This one is a little too...folksy? But, I like the variations in frosting color and the intricate patterns. Oh, and the adorable topper!

Ok, technically not a wedding cake! But, still, that pattern on the side is too chic! Wonder how it would like on a pink or orange background?

Now, this cake is a little gaudier than I'd totally like. I've realized there's a very thin line between classy and gaudy for many vintage-inspired cakes. However, I do love the flowery ruffly sash thing!

I love the pattern with the pop of color! I could see this working well with a pink background and orange accent flowers!

This one is similar to the blue cake with the ruffly sash thing. Not 100% my style, but I do like the little doo-dads at the base of each cake.

This one is probably my absolute favorite of the bunch! Understated vintage flair. Ribbons along the base. A combination of frosting colors. Eek! So chic!

We start our cake consultations tomorrow, so we'll let you know what we decide then!


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Anonymous said...

I always amazed at what people can do with cakes. I'm going to be doing cupcakes, so I've got to figure out how to make the tops look amazing.